Elderly Couple Has The BEST Reaction To The Slingshot Ride!

Slingshot videos of couples are posted to social media sites because, honestly, people just like to laugh.

Watching people’s reactions as they are catapulted hundreds of feet in the air at a high rate of speed, then watch them flip and bounce as they try to process what they’ve just gone through is hilarious.


It usually seems like one of the two is really into the ride while the other is sort of just going along with it.

Then there are the people who seem absolutely terrified from the second they are strapped into the contraption.


There’s almost always a hearty amount of screaming unless you come across that person that passes out.

Okay, let’s be honest: a lot of people pass out on the ride.


But every once in a while, you find two people that actually are pretty chill about the whole experience.

These people are definitely not the norm, however, and are more like an anomaly.

Viv and Ron definitely fit into this category.

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