Ellen Surprises ‘Frozen’ Fan With Awesome Top Secret Visit From Idina Menzel

During a recent concert, 11-year-old Luke Chacko stunned the audience after singing a mind-blowing version of “Let It Go” in front of Frozen star Idina Menzel. Luke sure got a standing ovation from the world after his performance went completely viral.

Not only did the young man’s talents go viral, they caught the attention of Ellen. She was so impressed that she decided to plan a surprise for Luke that would reunite him with his singing idol Idina.

Idina Menzel Has Skyrocketed To Fame After Her Stellar Performance In Disney’s Frozen


The Broadway and television star has become synonymous with her role in Frozen.

During A Recent Concert, Luke Joined Her Onstage


The 11-year-old stunned the singer with his astonishing performance of her infamous song.

Luke’s Rendition Was So Amazing He Performed Twice!


After hearing about Luke and Idina’s interaction at her concert, Ellen knew she had to reunite these two once more. So she invited Luke onto her show and arranged one of the most epic surprises ever!

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