Fresh Out Of Prison, This Ex-Con Risked His Freedom To Save A Baby

The criminal element. Society seems to have a singular view on their value. For most, locking the felon up and throwing away the key is too good for them. After all, they get shelter (otherwise known as prison), three square meals a day, and lots of other taxpayer-placed perks (supposedly).

Society Looks Down On Ex-Cons


While we claim that incarceration has more than one motive (one being the lip service like “rehabilitation”), the reality is we don’t care about these cast-offs and want them stuck behind bars for as long as possible. No ability for redemption. No chance to make up for their foolish mistakes, no matter how horrible the consequences.

Josh Tangehahl Knows This All Too Well


But Josh Tangehahl wasn’t thinking of any of this while returning to his work release house in Spokane, Washington. He had just spent 17 years in prison for manslaughter and needed to get back before his strict curfew time arrived. If he failed to make it, he could easily be headed back to the big house. It was then when he and his girlfriend saw a vehicle driving erratically. Before they knew it, it ran through an intersection and right into a mini-van with a family – including a seven-month-old in a car seat.

Still, He Stepped Up To Help Someone Else When The Time Came


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