Family Urges Others To Avoid Using Phone In This Place After Teen Dies From Electrocution

Most of us have become accustomed to our phones becoming part of the everyday landscape of our lives. We carry them in our pockets, our purses and our backpacks. We have them plugged in and charging in outlets and through our computers. We even go to bed at night while our phones charge on our pillows.

Madison Coe’s Family Wants To Warn Others About Their Daughter’s Tragedy


So when tragedy struck the family of 14-year-old Madison Coe recently, they wanted to make sure others were aware so it wouldn’t happen to them. The teen was taking a bath while her phone was charging when she briefly grabbed it and got electrocuted.

She Lost Her Life After Being Electrocuted By Her Phone


Her family said it was an electrical current that traveled through her wet hand that took the life of the sweet eighth grader who loved spending time with her friends and playing basketball.

Others Are Spreading The Word In Hopes Of Preventing This Senseless Tragedy

By sharing their daughter’s tragic story, Madison’s family hopes it will serve as a reminder to avoid using your phone in the bath while plugged in. They greatest wish is to help save any lives that could potentially be lost due to such an unknown risk.

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