This Father Is Challenging His Daughter’s School Over Its Sexist Dress Code

Over the course of the decades, things have changed in our culture. There was a time when girls were told to be demure and subservient, while boys were demeaned for showing emotion and not being fearless. As the times brought on new thinking, these notions were ditched in favor of a more human approach. Gender was no longer the guide. Basic personal dignity and desire were replaced with old-fashioned roles and requirements.

Dress Codes Are Not Equal


That doesn’t mean that such antiquated ideas have disappeared though. Instead, they have been replaced by a kind of shaming, from the way one looks to the way they dress. Codes have been put into place which, authorities argue, are there for the well-being of the children they control. But more times than not, they are really being used to keep the powers that be with having to deal with the real world circa 2017 and what they entail.

Girls Have Many More Restrictions Than Boys


One father out in California is learning this the hard way. His daughter was sent to the office because a teacher felt the outfit she was wearing was “inappropriate.” It was a romper and she had worn it because the temperatures outside were surpassing 90. Still, the instructor insisted she go to the office. Her father was called and informed she needed new clothes. When he brought a pair of shorts and a shirt, the school rejected them again, saying they were not appropriate.

And This Father Is Saying “Enough Is Enough”


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