Ongoing: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Airport On Lockdown After Mass Shooting

It’s happened again. 2016 is barely over and 2017 has yet to make an impact and yet here we are, discussing another mass shooting. That’s right, police in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida are currently investigating a report of shots fired. The various news outlets in the area are claiming up to three dead (some put it at only one) with several others injured. There are also indications, true or not, that the gunman has been captured alive.

Social media has been giving the public updates, with Tweets and posts like these providing insight into the situation evolving and the information available:

Here’s The Story

A Former White House Staff Member Is On The Scene

CNN Has The Latest

Even The General Public Are Offering Their Insights

There Still Is Confusion Over The Number Of Dead And Injured

The entire situation is still under investigation. We’re sending out prayers to the victims and their families. Check your local news for more coverage.

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