This Inspiring Gallery Of Images Is Guaranteed To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Every day, it’s the same thing. You turn on the TV, or more likely, crank up the social media of your choice, and within moments, your heart sinks. Another terrorist attack. Another pointless shooting. Countries with massive ideological differences are rattling their sabers at each other. Another animal has been abused or abandoned. Another homeless person begs for help. It’s enough to make you think that there is nothing but bad in the world. We tend to focus on what’s wrong, ignoring or avoiding the obvious good out there. Not that online outlets help. They love to make mountains out of molehills, hoping you will buy into the horrible hype and click to see what’s really going on.

So how about an antidote to all the negativity and naysaying. How about a gallery which illustrates the wonderful world we live in and the amazing people who populate it? And we aren’t talking about epic acts of courage. No, we are looking at the small and significant. Sometimes, the tiniest gestures can cause the biggest stir. Once you’ve looked over all these amazing images, we are sure you will sense your spirit rising and your heart swelling. With all the wrong out there, we need to be reminded of the right, and in the next few pages, you’ll see exactly what we mean. The planet is a complicated place. Let’s forget the anger for a moment and celebrate the joy, the happiness, the humanity.


A true reason to celebrate.

With A Little Help From My Friends

The Beatles were right.

Nice Gesture

But will it work?

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