Ghost Hunter Thrown Across Room After His Wife Is Possessed By Child’s Spirit

When it comes to all things paranormal, there are some people who believe that things like ghosts and other kinds of spirits who exist, and other people who simply don’t. Either way, the thought of creepy ghosts and ghouls wandering the earth can be terrifying.


One couple’s story might serve as proof that there are spirits roaming around the earth – and they’re not always friendly.


Rebecca Palmer, the wife of ghost hunter, Sean Reynolds, recently claimed to have been possessed by the spirit of a dead child. Despite being afraid, she also says that she felt honored that the child chose her.


Although Reynolds sees this sort of thing often in his line of work, he admits it was difficult to see his wife in such a state, and when he attempted to approach her, the spirit unleashed some very scary energy.

In just a matter of seconds, Reynolds found himself being thrown across the room, but even after the incident, he has something interesting to say.

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