She Thought It Was A ‘Ball Of String’ In Her Son’s Room – But It Was Something Scarier

They play an important part in the food chain. Without their insect purging properties, we’d be knee-deep in all kinds of insects and pests. Granted, they aren’t the most appreciated of the predators. Many fear them more than the various creepy crawlies they kill and consume. Indeed, spiders may play a major role in keeping nature in balance, but that doesn’t mean that those with a phobia about them rest any easier at night.

No One Wants To See This In Their Child’s Room


Now imagine coming across a very rare and very large breed of this bug making a home in your infant son’s room. That’s what happened to a woman in Detroit recently, and her discovery sent social media into a tizzy. When Jillian Duke went into her son’s bedroom, she more or less anticipated a mess. The kid is a bit of a slob. Seeing a “ball of string” on the floor, she bent over to pick it up. When she saw it had eyes, she froze.

Now Imagine Coming Across THIS!


Turns out, the kid had a massive Australian huntsman spider living in his carpet. A native to Asia (not Downunder, oddly enough), the insect is nasty, but the venom it produces is not harmful to humans. How it got to the Hunt’s home in Detroit, Michigan, USA, is anyone’s guess. Jillian called her father to help her with the exterminating, and once the pest was dead, she took it to a pet shop where she learned the species. Perhaps the store employee had the best last line to this story. “It shouldn’t be here…,” he said.

See For Yourself

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