Bed-Ridden For Years, Adopted Disabled Girl Asks New Mom 1 Unforgettable Question

After living in a hospital since the age of two, little Arianna finally found her forever home with Barbara Fischer at seven-years-old. Diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease similar to Lou Gehrig’s disease, her birth mother gave her up for adoption because she couldn’t afford to take care of her.

When the day came for Barbara to take Arianna home, she’ll never forget the moment as long as she lives. As they were pulling into the family garage, Arianna was enchanted by the night sky. As she pointed to the moon and asked Barbara what it was, she realized her newly adopted daughter had never even seen the moon before.

Arianna uses a wheelchair to get around and relies on a ventilator to breathe and a feeding tube to eat, something that others might have seen as too challenging to take on – but not Barbara. In addition to Arianna, single mother Barbara has 13 additional children, nine of which are also adopted with severe disabilities.

Barbara Is A Single Parent To 14 Children – 10 Whom She Adopted Are Disabled


When She Adopted Arianna At Age Seven, She Told Her She’d Never Seen The Moon Before


Adopted Son AJ Also Has A Disability


Arianna And AJ Have Bonded Really Well As Sister And Brother


They Are Also The Best Of Friends


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