Meet The Mysterious Girl From Nigeria Who Lives In A Bucket…No, Seriously

At first, it doesn’t seem real. You’re convinced it’s part of some Photoshop deception that renders almost every online story, no matter how believable, to a raised eyebrow. Even as you explore a little more, and see actual news sites confirming the substance, you still can’t quite believe it. The obvious questions – How? Why? What? – come to the forefront, and then the still-cynical belief that this is all some massive put-on to gain sympathy (and a few perks) by the members of a social media savvy Third World family.

But then the picture comes into focus and research argues for the reality. This is Rahma Haruna and she lives in Kano, Nigeria. Supposedly, she was a normal baby girl at birth until a mysterious illness took over, rendering her limbs useless. Since then, she’s required constant care from her family while still unclear what happened to her. The family’s anecdotal tales have been less than helpful (some even believe she’s been cursed by a jinn, or mythic genie) and news media presentations on the girl have been equally obtuse.

For us, the pictures and video say more than words. See (and decide) for yourself:

This Is Rahma Haruna


She is 19-Years-Old


Yes – 19…And She Lives In A Bucket


Rahma Was Born With A Strange Condition


She Has No Lower Limbs, and Only One Arm


She Must Be Cared For Around The Clock


Her Brother Fahad Helps Her In Many Ways


The Family Hopes To Find A Doctor Who Can Diagnose What Is Wrong With Rahma


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Rahma Speaks

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