Docs Refused To Feed Her, Told Them To Plan Funeral – Now It’s Her 9th Birthday!

It’s the kind of news that expecting parents dread. All they want is a healthy baby, born with all its fingers and toes, and physically capable of a fulfilling future somewhere down the line. But then the truth arrives and it is devastating. From some birth defect to an elusive or rare condition or syndrome, doctors can only determine so much – and usually, it’s not good news.

Doctors Said She Wouldn’t Live


For the Marchiolis – Ronaldo and Jocilene – the arrival of their daughter Vitoria was another blessing. The family couldn’t wait, but when she was born, they could tell something was clearly wrong with their child. Her face just didn’t exist, a large gaping maw replacing her mouth and nose, and her eyes off-center and unusual. Doctors gave her two hours to live. While examining her, they came up with a diagnosis – Treachers Collins Syndrome – and determined that Vitoria’s days were numbered.

But Vitoria Marchioli Is Defying The Odds


That was over nine years ago. While it’s taken a great deal to keep their daughter alive, the Marchiolis have done it with an air of nobility and duty. They call out bullies who use Vitoria’s malady as a means of expressing their own inner issues, and bristle at anyone who suggests they’ve done wrong by their child. After all, it takes a certain kind of devotion every three hours to feed, bathe, and medicate a girl with such special needs.

She Suffers From A Very Rare Genetic Condition


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