Nurses Create Special Graduation Ceremony For NICU Babies Leaving Hospital

The neonatal nurses at CaroMont Regional Medical Center wanted to make their preemie babies feel extra special so they created mini graduation ceremony for all of the babies who get to leave the hospital.

NICU Nurse Melissa Jordan Created The Special Graduation Ceremony Idea

Nurse Melissa Jordan and her colleagues wanted to shower their littlest patients with an unforgettably memorable celebration that would send them home smiling with their families.

She Wanted Families To Have Something Special To Commemorate Their Babies Leaving The Hospital

Babies born six or more weeks before their due dates were transferred to the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for medical observation and treatments which helped them grow strong enough to be able to leave the hospital.

Each NICU Grad Would Receive A Personalized Graduation Cap

Melissa came up with the idea after one of her littlest patients stayed in the NICU for an extended period of time. “We had a baby born at 29 weeks gestation so he was in the NICU for over two months, and when he was finally ready to discharge, the family came and brought this onesie that said ‘NICU grad’,” she said to BuzzFeed Health.

Babies Born At Least Six Weeks Before Their Due Dates Were Admitted To The NICU

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