LOOK: Grandmother’s Legacy Is Honored With Remarkable Display At Her Funeral

The art of quilting is a time-honored tradition, often passed down with care from generation to generation. Little bits of family history are contained within colorful fabric squares and triangles; some tell stories, others are simply beautiful works of art.

If you’re lucky enough to own something special that is handmade by a grandmother or aunt, then you know the sentimental value that a quilt holds. For Janet White, a grandmother from New York, quilt-making was a way for her to express her love for her family and friends. Over the course of her adventurous-filled 84-years of life, she crafted over 100 colorful quilts for every special occasion imaginable. She even made quilts for her four unmarried grandchildren to be given to them on their wedding day.

When the beloved grandmother of 13 recently passed away, her family decided to do something incredibly special to honor her. On the day of her funeral, family members gathered in the church where her service was to be held and draped dozens of her beautiful quilted creations over the church pews.

It was such a sight to behold and a wonderful way to pay tribute to a woman who put so much love into her creations. When her granddaughter Rachael took to Reddit to share the image, an outpouring of love and support was showered upon her.

People were so touched by the image and shared their own stories and memories of family members’ quilts and how special they are. Rachael acknowledged how meaningful it was to have had such a wonderful grandmother who’s memory will live on in her creations.

“Her quilts adorn our couches, beds, walls, and are a constant reminder of how much she loved us,” Rachael shared on Reddit. “She is my role model and I love and miss her dearly.”

Janet’s Family Honored Her By Draping Her Quilts At Her Funeral


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During Her 84 Years Of Life, She Created Over 100 Quilts


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She Even Created Four Secret Quilts For Her Unmarried Grandchildren To Be Given To Them On Their Wedding Day


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