These Parents Deserve Kudos For The Book Week Costumes Their Kids Are Wearing

It’s been around since 1919. It’s the longest running annual celebration of literacy around the world. You might know it by another name – book week…that time of the year when your kids come back from school and tell you – with that sheepish grin on their face – that they need a costume or means of celebrating their favorite tome. It is supposed to inspire a passion for reading. Sometimes, however, it turns into a competition to see who does the best job of re-creating their favorite character or symbol. The winner doesn’t matter really. It’s all in good fun and all for a good cause.

Still, you got to give kudos to the moms and dads out there who came up with the inspired outfits you’ll see in the gallery below. They are pretty amazing, from the level of detail to how accurately they bring to life the book’s main character. The amount of my imagination alone should warrant at least an honorable mention. We even get a few shout outs to that bane of the educational system’s existence – the comic book. And who knows – maybe some of these will give you an idea what to do next year. Maybe.

Through The Looking Glass

For Alice In Wonderland

You’ve Got A Friend In Me

From Toy Story

An Artist And Icon

Frida Kahlo

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