Adorable Turkish Boy Born With Heart-Shaped Birthmark Nicknamed ‘The Love Baby’

Murat Engin, 30, and wife Ceyda, 28, got the most heartwarming surprise of their lives when they welcomed baby Çinar into the world. After the happy parents, from Ankara, Turkey, saw their son for the first time, they noticed a familiar-shaped red mark on his forehead.

At first they didn’t notice the mark on their bouncing baby boy, but after the nurses wiped his forehead in the delivery room, there was no mistaking that the familiar shape they were seeing was that of a heart.

Çinar was so popular in the delivery room that the nurses were actually clamoring to take selfies with the special tot. His parents consider the mark to be “good luck.”

Now 14-months-old, Çinar’s special birthmark has become so popular that strangers and passersby on the street stop to admire his unusual mark and ask to take selfies with him.

Murat And Ceyda Welcomed Their Son Çinar Into The World With An Unusual Birthmark


Çinar Has Earned The Nickname “The Love Baby”


People Everywhere Stop Him To Admire His Special Birthmark


His Parents Consider His Birthmark Good Luck


Nurses In The Delivery Room Couldn’t Wait To Take Selfies With Çinar


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