Selena Gomez’s BFF Provides A Kidney To Save The Superstar’s Life

It’s the kind of news we never like to hear: A rising young star, a name you’ve heard but may not know much more about, suddenly cancels plans for the rest of her tour (or movie, or TV show, etc.) to “take a break” and recover from…something.

But when superstar Selena Gomez cancelled her concert series this past summer, the excuse had resonance. The singer and former Disney star had announced that she was battling lupus, an autoimmune condition which results in the body attacking otherwise healthy parts.

Selena Gomez Is A Star


The symptoms can be very severe and require cancer-like chemotherapy to control. In Gomez’s case, things got so bad that she required a more invasive approach. She needed a new kidney and had to wait for a transplant candidate to step up and help.

Even The Famous Can Suffer From A Serious Condition


It finally arrived recently in the form of good friend Francia Raisa. She was a match and agreed to donate the necessary organ to help Gomez. Now that the surgery is over and everyone is on the mend, the pop star is sharing this information with her fanbase across social media. She put up a post of the duo in their hospital beds and gowns getting ready for the procedure. She also put up some words that are inspiring in their meaningful message.

Gomez Has Lupus, And Things Got So Bad She Needed Surgery


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