Here’s What The Color & Shape Of Your Poo Reveals About Your Health

For most people wondering about the state of their health, one’s physical appearance can usually be a pretty good indicator of how things are going. Clear skin, healthy hair and nails, fresh breath and strong teeth and gums are all signs your body reveals that it’s running at an optimal level.

But there are also other ways that your body can show you how healthy you are. Believe it or not, what you put into your body – and what comes out of it – can actually provide one of the most reliable health reports around.

So here’s the poop on your digestive health. Depending on its color, shape and smell, check out these pretty solid reasons to take a closer look at your bathroom habits. The findings just might surprise you.

1. Frequency And Regularity Depends On The Individual But Once A Day Is Ideal


2. Cracked And Oval-Shaped Is Normal But Means The Person Has A Sedentary Lifestyle


3. Pudding-Like Consistency Is The Result Of A Diet High In Dairy; It Could Also Indicate Stress


4. Soft Blobs With Ragged Edges Reveal A Low-Fiber Diet


5. Hard, Round Pellet-Like Texture Means You Are Constipated And Dehydrated


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