This Is What Happens When A High School Gets The Dress Code Policy Right

Make no mistake about it. School dress codes are largely targeted at the female population. From the banning of tank tops, shorts, miniskirts and even skinny jeans and yoga pants, there’s something very unsettling about how school districts handle these bans.

Schools Often Ban Miniskirts In Their Dress Code Policies

How are girls and young adults supposed to formulate positive self images if their clothing is seen as a distraction? But these prohibited clothing items aren’t just limited to females. Other items such as religious headscarves, hoodies, brightly-colored hairstyles and articles of clothing with strong cultural ties are also among the most commonly banned items at schools.

Female Clothing Is Often Targeted For Being Too Revealing

But Evanston Township High School, in Evanston, Illinois has decided to take a markedly different approach to the topic of dress codes and people are rejoicing at the positive message the school is promoting about diversity and responsibility.

Hoodies Are A Fashion Statement For Many Students

In the school’s updated policy, called their “dress code philosophy,” it was stated: “All students and staff should understand that they are responsible for managing their own personal ‘distractions’ without regulating individual students’ clothing/self expression.” Among some of the items permitted to wear are tank tops with spaghetti straps, ripped jeans, form-fitting pants like yoga pants and leggings, and religious headwear.

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