Baby Not Sleeping Through The Night? This High Tech Invention Can Change That

It’s the struggle that all parents go through. No matter which kid it is, no matter how long they’ve been moms and dads, it’s a familial given. Babies just aren’t known for sleeping through the night, and with feedings and changings and all the fret and worry over the new life living in the other room, it’s amazing they get any sleep at all – let alone the beleaguered adults who have the duty.

It’s Something All Parents Understand


But now science is stepping in to help your newborn snooze like a pro. In fact, the item is called the Snoo and it is nothing short than a high tech miracle. As one of the scientists behind the object confesses, putting a infant flat on its back, alone in a room, in the quiet of a silent house, is just not conducive to rest for a the wee one. They are used to the womb, and there is nothing like that in the current nursery set-up.

But Science Wants To Change All That


Snoo wants to change all that. It’s a $1500 tricked out crib that mimics mom while helping the baby to adjust to its new life. Among the many features are a white noise option which mimics the sounds inside a human mother. It also rocks or rotates the baby to simulate the same set-up. Doctors recognize that motion does help people fall asleep. That’s why you see so many commuters catching an additional 40 winks on the train ride or car pool to work.

Say Hello To The High Tech Baby Bed – The Snoo


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