You Did What? Watch Kids React To Mom And Dad Eating All Their Halloween Candy

What’s the best part of Halloween? Is it the horror films, each cable outlet desperate to tap into the spook show fun and offering marathons of macabre that run the gamut from great (the Nightmare On Elm Street series) to groan-inducing (Evil Toys???)? Maybe it’s the costumes. While it is customary for the kids to get dolled up to go trick ‘r’ treating, adults also find the freedom to express their inner imp by putting on some frightmare inspired glad rags.

Kids Love Playing Dress Up



And Adults Dig It Too



Aw…let’s face it. The reason for the All Hallow’s Eve season is candy. Sweet, sweet candy. Delicious chewy nougats and crunchy chocolate coatings. Heck, we’ll even take those nasty Circus Peanuts and questionable Bit O’ Honeys as long as they come with a side of Kit Kats and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. For kids, it’s all about the sugar. It’s why they suffer through your questionable outfit choices and those long ride to neighborhoods known for their generosity. It validates the day. It provides untold pleasures directly after, and if you’re lucky, a few cavities in the days to come.

But Halloween Is Really Just About The Candy, Right?



So leave it to funnyman Jimmy Kimmel to prank the very people looking to get their sugar on. In what has now become a classic bit, the comedian and talk show host asks parents to film their children’s reaction when Mom and Dad break the bad news – the adults have eaten ALL the candy. It’s an amazing idea, especially when you consider how committed these wee ones are to their M&Ms and Snickers.

Kids Are Always Careful Eating Their Annual Haul, Right?






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