Brilliant T-Shirt Combos You’re Going To Want For Your Nearest And Dearest

Before body art, they were the prime means of personal expression. From which bands you love and the tours you’ve seen to a clever saying or a meaningful movie poster, the t-shirt was the shroud by which we sold our personality. You can tell a lot about someone by the outer wear they rock. See someone in a Katy Perry design? That says something about who they are. How about an old, faded Pink Floyd pattern? Clearly this dude (or dudette) is into space-age ’60s psychedelic music. Or maybe they’re just a big fan of Dark Side of the Moon. Or The Wall.

One of the newest trends is the couples clothing combo. It could be partner and partner, parent and child, or BFF and BFF. No matter the situation, someone has come up with a clever way of bringing both halves of this humor whole together. The gallery featured on the next few pages has several sensational pairings which prove that, even in a world which often seems angry and unfriendly, there are little snippets of humanity that will bring a smile to our lips, and maybe even a laugh to your belly. Make sure to check them out, and remember: a tattoo is forever, but a funny t-shirt is life.

Have A Slice

Only one, for now.


Give them both props.

I Fear This Shirt Has Other Reasons For Existing

Just ask Jan.

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