Baby Hippo Photobombs Couple And Steals The Spotlight In Engagement Photo

Photobombing has probably been around since cameras were invented in the 1800’s, but it really gained steam as a “thing” about a decade ago.

Selfies kind of stole the photobomb’s thunder in recent years, but it’s hard to imagine the photobomb will ever die. People still do bunny ears in photos, right?


Well cell phones began being manufactured with cameras that were easy to access, people started taking more pics, therefore the chance for someone or something to accidentally (or purposely) get in the shot is increased.

There’s also the fact the photobomber thinks it’s funny and let’s be honest, it usually is.


Now, some are better than others. The setting or location, who the photobomber is, if they are an unknown participant or did it on purpose, and the circumstances why the photo is being taken in the first place all play a part in what makes a great shot.


There hasn’t been a photobomb that encaptures everything that makes them so entertaining that it goes viral in a long time but earlier this month, one couple was able to garner online attention after one outgoing animal decided she wanted to be a part of their engagement photo.

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