Home Depot Employee Thwarts A Kidnapping And The Company Fires Him

They say no good deed goes unpunished. When you think about that maxim for a moment, it doesn’t really seem to make sense. When you do right, you have the moral high ground, no matter the consequences. In fact, the phrase seems to be suggesting that you really shouldn’t go out of your way to help people. If you do, it’s destined to come back and bite in the motives. Sounds silly, right?

This Is Dillon Reagan


Well, Dillon Reagan can tell you different. He did something remarkable, and ended up paying for it. Let’s set the scene. Dillon is 32-years-old and working at his local Home Depot. After stepping outside, he heard a woman screaming and crying. Someone was stealing her baby and she was desperate for help. Along with a fellow employee, Dillon ran inside and called 911. The cops told him to follow the perp until they could get on the scene.

This Is What He Posted On Social Media


The police eventually arrived and thwarted the attempted kidnapping. So Dillon gave his statement and went back to work – only to find out he no longer had a job. That’s right, Home Depot fired him, arguing that he violated company policy. Naturally, Dillon took his case to social media, and a firestorm ensued.

Here Are Some Of The Responses He Received


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