Watch The Complicated Dressing Rituals For Women Of Wealth In The 18th Century

We are fascinated by the past. Time travelers always argue about heading out into the future, to see what’s coming and what we can learn or do to prepare. But history is also full of fascinating “What ifs?” We often wonder how our present lives would change should someone head back and alter the events that played out. It makes for thoughts both tantalizing, and at times, terrifying.

Fashions Changes Through The Ages


But one of the things we fail to recognize is how much fashion and lifestyle have changed throughout the eons. We’ve come a long way from animal skins in a cave to skinny jeans and man buns. Clothing is almost always a reflection of current trends and concepts on what was/is stylish and what wasn’t/isn’t. In fact, some of the more outrageous designs are a direct result of class, wealth, and access to the outfits of the day.

It’s Almost Always A Sign Of Social Acceptance And Place


Take the video included here. It’s an tutorial/example of how a woman of means in the 18th century (the 1700s, fyi) spent her mornings. The multiple layers and specific accessorizing all fulfill a specific purpose – either comfort, modesty, shaping, and perhaps most importantly, signaling. A lot of what women wore then dealt with their place within the social order. Many items of clothing were worn as an expression of wealth, or place, and they wouldn’t be caught without them.

But Some Styles Are Timeless


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