Using Photoshop, These Artists Hope To Use Famous Faces To Improve Anorexia Awareness

It may seem like a harmless saying, but it’s impact can be horrific. Indeed, whenever someone says “you can’t be too rich or too thin,” they aren’t considering what the second half of that maxim means. Money – heck, who cares? We’d all love to be blessed with a bank account overflowing with available cash. But too thin? Body shaming and dysmorphia is a real problem and instead of pointing that out, these words celebrate such eating disorders – problems that are affecting people at younger and younger points in their life. There have been some celebrities who’ve battled the disorder, but for the most part, the runaways of Paris and the Vogues of the world are still celebrating the skeletal and the grossly underfed.

But what if more of your favorite faces were battling the disorder? How would you feel if the occasional case turned into a starstruck pandemic? A group of artists and photoshop enthusiasts have decided to put that idea to the test, and the results are staggering. In the 12 images offered in the gallery below, we see many of the world’s most celebrated beauties reduced to scary shadows of their former selves, all to pass on a very powerful message. We need to stop worshiping at the altar of thin. Instead, by imaging what would happen if we did, the truth becomes shockingly clear. The women in these pictures are not pretty. They need help. Anyone who thinks otherwise could use a good psychiatric consultation too.

Angelina Jolie

From ravishing beauty to horrifying visage.


Queen Bey looks bad here.

Jennifer Aniston

Even her ‘friends’ would agree – this is not good.

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