Jaw-Dropping: Here’s 16 Incredible Images That Have To Be Seen To Be Believed

We tend to look at the world through trusting eyes. We believe what we see, even if what we see is often unbelievable. Without a suitable frame of reference, without really analyzing the situation, we jump to conclusions, training out brain not to accept what we see, but instead, chalk up the vision to something hallucinatory or even supernatural. Instead of looking at the various and sundry sights around us and admitting we’re not always able to understand it, or human ingenuity and marvel at its capabilities, we allow the knee jerk to override the more nuanced.

Take the 16 images you will see here. All of them are real. None of them are photoshopped or created by CG. And still, even viewed through a lens of truth, even being told that these are not manipulated pictures present to trick or fool you, you’re already pre-programmed brain denies what it sees. This is life caught “in the moment,” not made up to play pretend. Granted, these are some wholly unusual and unique visuals. But in the end, they are to be trusted. They represent the magic all around us, if we just stop and look at it – through the right kind of trusting eyes, that is.

Rescuing A Woman From A Car Accident On A Bridge


A Dog Waits By His Dead Master’s Grave For His Return


Mother Nature’s Fury, Captured


A Woman Giving CPR To A Five-Month-Old Baby


A Surgeon Resting After Heart Transplant Surgery


A Man Rescues Kittens From Flood Waters


A Woman Swings Over A Massive Gorge In Hawaii


Christians Form A Protective Ring Around Praying Muslims In Egypt


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