Incredible! 11 Weeks After Conception, This Little Babe Is Caught Getting His Groove On During An Ultrasound!

It’s hard not to shake your groove thing or at the very least bob your head along when you hear a catchy song, but did you know that babies like to bounce to the beat before they are even able to see! Yep, that’s right, a good tune can even reach a little boy or girl growing in mommy’s womb!

It might be hard to fathom but music from the soul can be heard by the universe. Music is how we speak without ever using our lips. This little guys heart just might serve as the beatbox to his life! He is clearly enjoying himself and having a great time!

One can only wonder to what tune this babe was bouncing to? Was it a late-night, fast-paced dance track, a hard-hitting bass heavy hip-hop rhythm or a rock n roll anthem?! We may never know but by the looks of this high-energy ultrasound performance, this kid promises to be full of fun-loving energy! What a blessing?!

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Or How About This Adorable Little Jive?

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