See How This Inspiring Photographer Transforms The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary

A few years ago, Phillip Haumesser considered himself to be a pretty ordinary citizen, going about his life. But after purchasing a camera and taking photos of his children, he began to see the world in a completely different light.

Photographer Phillip Haumesser Used To See The World Differently

What was once ordinary, Phillip now saw as extraordinary. Bursting with enthusiasm, he wanted to share his newfound perspective with the world so he created a free photography course in hopes of inspiring others.

But His Newfound Passion For Photography Changed That

The passionate photographer’s ability to focus on life’s littlest details in his images is an example of how we should all take time to slow down and enjoy our surroundings.

Everyday Surroundings Suddenly Took On A Whole New Light

Whether it’s observing the way the light shines through our kitchen window or an intimate exchange between our child and their beloved pet, appreciating these moments helps us see how rich our lives truly are.

Subtle Changes Make For Big Impact

Take a look at Phillip’s photos below exemplifying how he viewed the world before and how he views the world now. It’s truly an eye-opening project that we can all appreciate.

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