‘It Started Off Small, Then Spread’…Wait Until You See Her Wipe Off Her Makeup

Michael Jackson supposedly suffered from it. So do other famous faces such as Steve Martin, comedian Joe Rogan, Sisqo, NBA player Rasheed Wallace, and former Mad Men star Jon Hamm. The condition is characterized condition characterized by the loss of pigmentation in the skin. Not all the dermis is affected, and those sections that are have obvious demarcations and a tell-tale “white” appearance.

It Can Start Off Very Small



But More Times Than Not, It Spreads Everywhere



It is known as vitiligo, and for some, it’s a curse. There’s the need to constantly cover-up, to visit the dermatologist to get updates on the issue. It also means buying expensive skin products which are sold primary as a way of hiding what you have from others. Mariah understands this all too well. As you will see, she has vitiligo and the condition has caused her more than a little concern.

Michael Jackson Supposedly Had It



First off, there’s the whole “explaining it” to people problem. No matter how well versed and descriptive you are, there is constant confusion with albinism. Then there’s the whole dating and intimacy thing. Mariah’s condition covers her entire body, and she feels self-conscious at this point showing others what she really looks like. This is obvious during a moment in the included clip where she does something very daring.

But Some Are Owning Their Condition



While Others Have Found A Way ‘Around’ It



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