Want To Know Why Some People Don’t Have Kids? Ellen Has The Video Answer

Single folks just don’t get it, but parents understand. When life gives you babies, you can’t just make baby-aid. No, you’re in it for the long haul (at least 18 years) and, depending on how fruitful you are, the decades can start stacking up. You have to deal with the Terrible Twos, the first day of Pre-School, the chaos that is kindergarten – and we’re just getting started.

Kids Are Terrific


Then there’s middle school, puberty, high school, college, dating, marriage, grandkids – and then it starts all over again. The only upside to being a grandparent? You can usually return the kids to their passed out Moms and Dads once the visit is over. Still, for those who want children, there are no better times than when kids are being kids. Playing around. Goofing off. Learning the ropes of the real world and reacting to them in new and novel ways.

Well, For the Most Part


Oh sure, there will be messes. There will also be a lot of laughs and a lot of tears. But there are also lessons taught, habits developed, and for the adult, never a dull moment. Ellen DeGeneres knows this all too well. She has a segment on her popular day time talk show entitled “Why I Don’t Have Kids” and it’s a hilarious collection of clips and pics showing how much “innocent” trouble a toddler et. al. can get into.

Yet Some People Aren’t Into The Whole Parent Thing


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