During Deadly Tornado, Students Sing Gorgeous Rendition Of ‘Mary Did You Know?’

They are supposed to bring us comfort. When we are troubled, they are there to soothe the soul. They can be songs of celebration, songs of struggle, or even songs of sorrow. They are the hymns and carols that we associate with religion and with its most noted holiday, Christmas.

It’s The Reason For The Season



Hymns And Carols Help Us Celebrate Our Faith



So when a group of students in George’s Bremen High School were forced to evacuate their classrooms and hide out in the hallways of the building, they really needed some comfort. After all, a tornado was headed their way. Deciding that they could do something more productive than worry, some in the group decided to sing .

So When This Tornado Came Bearing Down On A School



Soon the sounds of a familiar Christmas classic came pouring from their mouths. The recognizable melody, accented by pitch perfect harmonies, turned the scary situation into one of peace, tranquility, and above all, faith. And what was the song they sang? There’s actually a video which captured the moment.

The Students Were Kept In The Hall For Safety Reasons



And Someone Started To Sing..



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