A Group Of Kids With ‘Too Much Skin’ Have Found Strength In Numbers

It seems that, with every passing day, we learn about the existence of another rare disease or medical condition and its effect on someone lost in the vast population of this planet. Decades ago, these maladies and the individuals who suffered from them would go virtually unnoticed, there being no system set up to broadcast information and images within the blink of an inhuman eye. Instead, we’d eventually get an earnest if superficial documentary, a film finding fault in something other than the genetics and/or big that brought about the condition. And never to the benefit of the sufferer. They remained ancillary to the truth-tinged tell-all concept.

They Were Born With A Rare Condition


But now, thanks to the Internet and outreach among those looking for help from across the various oceans, we are learning of things like Harlequin’s ichthyosis, in one of its many forms. Creating incredibly thick and dense skin which flakes off rapidly, it makes merely living for those who suffer from the condition a daily ritual of discomfort. There is not much that can be done for people with this condition, and in many regions around the planet, it remains as misunderstood as any superstition.

They Often Feel Isolated And Alone


That’s why support is crucial. That’s why, in the documentary on the next page, you will meet four very special and brave warriors who are not letting the condition get the best of them. In fact, as they clearly indicate, they are managing to cope. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of the world gets it. All have to deal with bigotry, bullying, and the otherwise misplaced pity that comes when one sees something they don’t understand but doesn’t want to be accused of being less than sympathetic.

Thanks To The Internet, They Are Discovering Each Other


The Documentary On The Next Page Explains It All