Rescue Workers Hear Faint Cries Coming From Trash, Make Horrifying Discovery

It’s one of those stories that both destroy your belief in humanity and simultaneously restore it. It revolves around an inhumane act by someone and a courageous rescue by others. It reminds us that not everyone cares about the creatures of this planet, and that, sometimes, it requires true acts of kindness to counteract such awfulness.

They Are So Adorable


The story takes place in Greece and revolves around a group of rescue workers. Someone reported hearing cries from a nearby garbage can. When they arrived, they could definitely hear something deep down inside the container. It required a special kind of cooperation to get someone down into and near the bottom. When they finally got there, the news was not good.

They Are Also Helpless


There was crying – and movement. In a plastic bag, something was alive. When the worker finally got back to the surface, it became a struggle to get whatever was inside out. After going through plastic bag after plastic bag, they discovered the harsh reality. Someone had left newborn kittens, brand new little babies, to die in the bottom of a garbage bin, wrapping them in such a way to guarantee their demise.

Thankfully, Rescue Workers Saved These Abandoned Babies


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