This Blind Cubs Fan Couldn’t Get A Cab Until This Complete Stranger Wandered By

With the 25 hour news cycle pushing politics, policies, and pundits down our throats, with every piece of information dipped in divisive ideology and/or dogma, it’s easy to miss it. In fact, we are so convinced (and with good reason) that the world is going to Hell in a handbasket that it’s easy to overlook. We exploit the bad while more or less ignoring the good. There is still a trace of humanity out there, we just don’t get a chance to see it, to show it off in celebration.

This Is Yusef Dale


So when someone does what Indianapolis resident Casey Spelman did recently, we need to publicize it. Even better, she didn’t expect her actions to get noticed. Instead, she was visiting Chicago and came upon a situation which gave her pause. Thanks to a nearby diner who could see what was taking place outside his window (and with a phone handy to capture it all), we now know what a big hearted person she is. All it took was a simple gesture, and a reminder that, sometimes, there are others out there who require our aid and assistance.

And This Is Casey Spelman(L)


Yusef Dale is a Cub fan. He’s also blind. After a recent game, he was trying to hail a cab to take him home, and was having no such luck. Oh, there were taxis on the street, but they would just pass him by. While this was going on, Ms. Spelman came out of where she was and saw what was happening. That’s when she stepped up and did something that, even now, reconfirms the general belief that there are more good people on the planet than bad.

And This Is How Their Two Lives Intersected


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