Ever Wonder What You’d Look Like As A 3D PIXAR Character? Artist Lance Phan Makes It Happen

Have you ever seen an animated character so real, that it reminded you of someone you actually know? Or perhaps you might wonder what you would look like as one of these animated characters?

The beautiful thing about animation is that every year it seems to get more and more sophisticated. From the lifelike players in “NBA 2K18” to the incredibly detailed features of Merida in Brave, every single aspect of these characters are true works of art.

For artist Lance Phan, creating 3D PIXAR-like images of people is a dream come true for animation fans. Once you see the images he created below, you’ll be blown away by his talent.

We bet you’re probably going to want to contact him and see if he’ll create one for you, too!


So mesmerizing!


So lifelike!


Every last detail is included.


Absolutely magical!

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