Whirlpool Shows It Cares By Empowering Less Fortunate Students With Laundry

There’s more than one reason why a child could miss school. Past the regular excuses of sickness or vacation, a large number of public school kids are out of the classroom for reasons completely out of their control. Poverty is a noose around their family’s neck, where one wrong move could find them on the streets in no time. For the unfortunate kids already on the streets, the situation is even worse.

Laundry Can Mean The World

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Money goes towards food, and time means money. Time spent in the classroom becomes unaffordable, essentially investing zero towards a kid’s future. Without an education, the cycle continues and those kids struggle with kids of their own. It takes the rest of society to raise up their neighbors and break the cycle. But that takes an intimate understanding of the problems perpetuating the cycle of generational poverty. Indeed, you’d be surprised to know that some very simple problems are at the root of it all.

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