He Has One Leg That Weighs 56 Pounds And It’s Destroying His Life

It is something that typically plagues the morbidly obese. As their body goes out of whack due to excessive calories and other weight-based conditions (heart disease, diabetes), the lymph nodes rebel, no longer doing the job they were designed to do. That’s when body parts – usually the hands and feet – start to swell, though it can appear elsewhere.

This Is Boonthing Namphet



He Suffers From Lymphedema



It’s called lymphedema and for those desperate to drop the pounds and gain their life back, it can be the biggest stumbling block to normalcy. Doctors will not operate on these large, fluid filled growth until the patient’s weight is stabilized, and even then, there is no guaranteed that surgery will work. Lymphedema is just manageable, not curable.

But Only In One Leg



Boonthing Namphet from Thailand knows this all too well. The 42-year-old is not overweight, and yet he has developed the condition in his right leg. Sadly, it has caused the limb to swell up severely. It now weighs more than 56 pounds and has left the man immobile. Even the smallest movement brings about searing pain. He cannot work and must live off his wife’s meager wages, but someone has stepped up to try and help him.

It Has Caused Him To Become Almost Immobile And Unable To Work



Luckily, Someone Has Come To His Aid



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