After Taking A Tumble On His Bike, This Little Boy Got Help From An Unlikely Source

It’s that moment in every movie that brings out the inner parent in all of us. A little child – it could be a boy or a girl – is sitting on his or her first two wheeled bicycle. The training wheels are off. The safety helmet is on. All we are waiting for is the diligent dad or long suffering mom to take their place behind the kid and it’s another juvenile rite of passage crossed off the life calendar.

It’s Time To Put On The Helmet



And Take That First Bike For A Ride



Then comes the aftermath – the awkward ride, the wobbly dismount, the inevitable crash followed by the also inevitable skinned knee. The tears. The Bactine. And, of course, the desire of the now stabilized child to immediately rush and do it over again. Why not? A bike means freedom. A bike means fun. A bike means growing up.

Sometimes, You End Up Having Fun



Sometimes, you need a little support outside the adult community to calm your nerves. Take the boy pictured in the video included with this story. All he wanted to do is take his new toy from the driveway of his home down the street a bit. He managed the start up fine, and his follow through was decent. Then, he hit the curb and he hit the ground. He didn’t cry. He didn’t complain. He did comment that, perhaps, he was going too. And then it happened.

Sometimes, You Wind Up On The Pavement



The First Of Many Fails



You Have To See What Happened Next – Continue On To Find Out