Former ‘Loose Skin Queen’ Shares Dramatic Makeover Results After Life-Changing Surgery

Amanda had spent her entire childhood being bullied about her weight. Although she grew up with a loving and supportive family, healthy food was scarce and she found herself eating a lot of junk food and living a sedentary lifestyle. When she got pregnant with her daughter at 20, she envisioned living a healthier life for her family.

But it was an ongoing battle and at just 22-years-old, Amanda weighed 330 pounds. The most important thing to her was her daughter, who was now a toddler and on the move. Amanda found it difficult to keep up with her so she made a promise to herself that she would get her health back on track for both she and her family.

With the love and support of her fiance and family, she underwent gastric bypass surgery and her weight dropped drastically. Although the results made her feel ecstatic, she was left with the common problem many gastric bypass recipients face: loose skin.

As she gained back her confidence and got stronger each day, Amanda resigned herself to accepting she would have to live with the loose skin. She even started a blog and got wildly famous on social media, being nicknamed “The Loose Skin Queen.” She also created the popular hashtag #tummylovethursday and others like her shared their experiences and photos of having to deal with loose skin.

Because the high cost of surgery wasn’t an option to remove the skin, Amanda didn’t give it a thought. But it wasn’t until she made a guest appearance on The Doctors that surgery became a reality.

Take a look at the clip below and see her amazing transformation! Amanda continues to inspire everyone to love themselves no matter what their body looks like!

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