Magical Adventures Are Brought Bedside To St. Jude’s Sick Children In This Incredible Virtual Reality Project!

Thanks to technology and a few compassionate go-to travel experts at Expedia, some pediatric patients are being taken to places they might never have had the chance to experience! At St. Jude Research Hospital there is now a program in place which allows children to experience moments and create memories unimagined!

Employees from Expedia have set up a virtual way to take these children, who are oftentimes confined to the hospital for months at a time, anywhere they would like to go. Be it under the sea, across the desert, or in a field of horses to “run” free with this technology in place this project is facilitating dreams!

So far, four children have had the chance to travel to faraway lands and interact with environments and animals via virtual reality. In the video below, you can get an inside glimpse of exactly what this real-life dream come true is for two of the four kids! Check it out! It’s too cool to miss!

St. Jude Children’s Hospital And Expedia Are Sharing Smiles


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