Love You Some DIY? This Guy In The UK Built His Own Homemade Hot Tub

We have become a very handy people. Back 30 years ago, very few of us would think of building our own addition, refurnishing our home, or going so far as to totally rehab the kitchen or bathroom. Now entire industries have been built around the whole DIY or “do it yourself” movement. Heck, there are even entire cable networks devoted to the notion that, with a little information, a lot of money, and some basic skill, you can transform any space into the envy of the neighborhood.

We Love Us Some DIY


The Internet has taken it all even farther. We now have something called hacks. Shortcuts. Hints. Ways of making once impractical jobs and situations far easier to deal with. Some of them are incredibly simple. Others have you wondering if your time and money aren’t better spent having a professional do it. However, there is an entire social media circle that makes it cool to take every day items and turn them into the lottery amenities we all wish we could own.

One Guy In The UK Took It To Pro Levels


Take this guy in the UK. He wanted a hot tub. Who doesn’t? What a great way to relax. Sitting in warm, bubbling water, an adult beverage in your hand, just enjoying the soothing comfort of what many consider to be the good life. When Steve Grogan wanted to spend his weekend creating his own personal oasis, he got clever. Using a bunch of old pipe. some wood, and a backyard trampoline kit, he came up with a very ingenious way of creating his own personal spa, on the cheap. When you see what he did, we are sure you’ll be impressed.

He Created THIS!


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