Old Man In Nursing Home Comes Alive When He Hears Music From His Era

Music has been used in different therapies for decades and Henry is the proof of the healing power it has.

Henry is a resident of Cobble Hill, a nursing home in Brooklyn. He is confined to a wheelchair, completely immobile, barely speaks, and is usually trapped in his own world until he hears music.


The therapists at Cobble Hill began using iPods to allow the patients to listen to music and the result is astounding.

When Henry’s therapist puts the headphones on him and plays his favorite music, Henry instantly comes alive!

His eyes grow wide, he seems to be mouthing the lyrics, and he even dances in his wheelchair. What’s even more telling is that when his therapist removes the headphones, Henry is able to continue being present in conversation and even adds his own unprompted responses to an interviewer for a short while afterward.

Watch Henry’s Amazing Reaction When He Hears His Favorite Music:

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