Heartbroken Mother Raises Awareness About The Deadly Mistake That Killed Her Son

It’s one of the strangest side effects of the entire cell phone phenomenon. We give people the opportunity to stay in constant communication with each other, and yet they choose to do so, often in the most dangerous way, in the most dangerous circumstances as possible. After all, we have the possibility to call anyone whenever we want to. Our phones typically never leave our side. And yet there is always someone who is in such a rush to respond to a message that they will pick up their device and reply even while doing something as precarious as driving a car.

You Should Never Do It While Driving


We see PSAs about it. We read the warnings about it. There are even laws passed in various states making it illegal. And yet every day if not every hour we find ourselves mourning another loss of life, based only on the fact that, while driving, that person couldn’t resist the urge to text. Now it’s completely understandable why we need cell phones in our vehicles (in case of emergencies, for example) but the desire to text seems silly. After all if you want to tell your BFF that you are on the way, a 10 second phone call would work a lot better than a text that might cost you your life.

Yet People Text From Their Car All The Time


Nancy Denz knows this all too well. When her 22-year-old son Daniel left the house that evening, she would never have guessed that it would be the last time she would see him. While headed to work, the boy was involved in a horrendous car accident. Bystanders along the road tried to save him, but it was too late. Daniel passed at the scene. Something else nearby gave a clear indication of why her bright and smart son was no longer part of this world.

It’s A Lesson That This Young Man Didn’t Learn, And It Cost Him


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