Man Spreading His Grandmother’s Ashes Jumps In The Water To Save A Life

There are many ways for us to remember the dearly departed. We can hold a funeral, a fancy gathering with lots of flowers and pomp, all to ease our grief and to remind us of the remarkable person who left us and the legacy they leave behind. We can also have them cremated and, per tradition, scatter the ashes at a designated place.

This Is Sue Drummond And Her Dog Bibi


Down in Melbourne Australia, a young man named Raden was was mourning the loss of his grandmother. He loved her dearly and, pursuit, to her final wishes, he went to a local pier to spread her ashes in the water she loved so well. Little did he know he would go from acknowledging the loss of life to actually saving one.

And This It Raden To The Rescue


Sue Drummond it was also taking a walk by the water, and she had her beloved dog Bibi with her. A Maltese Shih-Tzu mix, the pup was getting tossed around quite readily by the strong winds on the pier. Suddenly a gust came along and grabbed Bibi. The next thing anyone knew, Sue was calling for help – and wouldn’t you know it but Raden was there to respond.

While Memorializing A Life, He Also Saved One


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