Man’s Best Friend Is ‘Best Man’ At His War Vet Companion’s Wedding

Justin Lansford served in the United States Army. This brave and selfless soldier lost his leg in a devastating IED explosion while on active duty in Afghanistan. He recently returned home to his high school sweetheart Carol with plans to marry , but needed a little help with not only his PTSD but also with getting around.

His golden retriever Gabe has been his game-changing sidekick since he proposed to his high school sweetheart in 2016. So of course he had to be part of their wedding. Gabe put a suit on and everything and you will agree, he might have been the snazziest one in the wedding party!

This loving couple had been waiting to make it official for a long time and if these photos aren’t proof that Justin and Carol’s love is real,then we’re not sure what is! One thing is for certain however – Gabe the golden retriever is an essential part of this couple’s success and a complement to their bond!

High School Sweethearts


They Tied The Knot After Many Years Being In Love


Gabe Was There In His Best Suit Too!


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