See How This Wife Did A Photoshoot With Deployed Hubby For Christmas

They say there’s nothing like being home for the holidays, but for many, that’s not possible. For them, December 25 is a date on the calendar. Sure, there will be celebrations where they are, but it won’t be the same without a spouse bringing you a cup of egg nog while you watch the children shake each and every wrapped package to determine what Santa stashed in each and every one.

Say Hello To Ashley



And Her Husband Brandon



For this is the life of a man (or woman…or both) who serve our country as part of the military. Duty demands they defend our interests, no matter where they arrive and when they are needed. This means that holidays and other special celebrations become ancillary to the active vigilance involved. This also means missing out on those special moments that make the memories that last a lifetime.

He’s Overseas And She Wanted To Make The Family’s Christmas Card



So when Ashley Sistrunk was trying to make her family’s Christmas card photo this year, she had one major obstacle to overcome. No, not her precocious four children or a possible theme. Her husband, Brandon, was recently deployed to Iraq, and that meant, without a little camera magic, the Sistrunks would be missing one member of their clan come photo time.

So She Did This…



And This…



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