This Baby Really Is A Miracle! Mom Rushes To Hospital But Gives Birth In Her Car

When you think about it, all children are miracles.

Regardless if you consider that miracle spiritual or scientific, every life you see is a precious gift.

Oh my heart! 😍😍😍😍😍 I love their bond!

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Some babies seem more miraculous than others and their stories of survival only give further evidence of the claim.

Like Baby Braxton.


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Raelin was 29 weeks pregnant with her second child when she knew something was wrong.

She began having cramps and when the pain kept intensifying, she realized she was in premature labor.

I love my little family! ❤

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Raelin and her fiancé knew they had to get her to a hospital right away.

Little Braxton didn’t want to wait that long and made his grand entrance in the car!

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