After Missing For A Month, Teen Miraculously Escapes And Shares Shocking Story

Whenever you hear the story on the news, your heart sinks. Not only do you envision how you’d react should something like it happen to you and your family, but your mind races through a hundred previous headlines and certain sensational stories. Sometimes, the situation is resolved quickly. In other instances, what seemed like a simple disappearance becomes something out of a Hollywood screenplay.

When Jasmine Block Went Missing, Her Entire Town Responded


A missing child is always a concern…far beyond their “inability to care for themselves.” It’s usually the prelude to a never ending cycle of worry and conjecture. People pray for the best while those in a position of knowing warn of the worst. Sometimes, the boy or girl is found and hearts are lifted. And then there are the times when there’s no happy ending, no wrap up before the top of the hour, and no reporter listing the horrors and/or consequences.

Thankfully, She Was Found


When 15-year-old Jasmine Block went missing one day in and around the area of Alexandria, Minnesota, her family feared the worst. Reports had her riding bikes with some strangers, two other teens, and a man in his 30s. Days went by, and as the family tried to piece together what happened. However, after almost a month, Jasmine was found. What police discovered about her disappearance will send shivers down your spine.

And These Three Men Were Apprehended


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