Hero Mom Breaks Record, Gives Birth To 16 Pound Adorable Baby Boy

Expectant mom Whitney Hallett suspected her fourth child might be a big baby. Factually speaking, her first three children all weighed between eight and 11 pounds so she was ultimately prepared. Being diagnosed with gestational diabetes only added to an inevitably large baby but nothing prepared she and husband Edmond for just how much their son Waylon Cole would end up weighing.

Whitney And Edmond Hallett Knew They Were Having A Big Baby…


After being born by C-section, medical staff would end up weighing Waylon Cole THREE times out of disbelief. “At first I thought maybe the scale was broken,” Edmond said to US Weekly. Their newborn chubby baby registered at 16 pounds!

But They Never Expected He’d Weigh 16 Pounds!


“The doctors and nurses were like, ‘Oh my god!'”

Waylon Cole Was Weighed Three Times To Make Sure The Scales Were Correct


Waylon Cole experienced breathing problems, so doctors advised keeping him in the NICU  to breathe and eat under close observation.

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